Historic Renovation

When there is remodeling needed with historic buildings, people call the Historic Renovation Experts – Prime Construction Services. Most people will agree Historic Neighborhoods are amazing.  They are so peaceful, relaxing and beautiful.  They are packed full of history and character on the tree-lined streets; each home is unique, while at the same, uniform to the period in which the neighborhood was developed. Almost everyone has his own favorite type of historic home. These historic properties are very sought after and for good reason.  Historic homes are part of all us, the history we share as a country, state and a city.

As you drive through a historic district you see houses that look almost exactly as they did when they were first built.  However, it’s not a coincidence that all these homes are maintained in the same manner.  If you own a historic property in Oklahoma City, you know the Historic Preservation Districts and the Historic Landmark Overlay Districts preserve places and areas of historical, cultural, architectural, engineering or archaeological significance throughout Oklahoma City.  They develop and implement the building standards for these neighborhoods.

All across the country different entities protect historic areas, buildings and landmarks.  Historic preservation is an important part of community; it improves the community spirit and promotes a fellowship of community through a connection found in the past.  Preservation activities encourage stability in the area, increase sales tax revenues, improves property values and it’s good for the environment by utilizing existing structures and building materials.

Maintaining, renovating and restoring historic areas also creates skilled jobs.  Being able to maintain, renovate or restore an older structure is an old art – one that is dying out.  Prime Construction Services is skilled in historic renovations and historic restorations. Prime Construction Services has many years of experience of not only maintaining and renovating historic properties, but also adding to existing buildings to historical properties, which almost everyone know is not an easy task because of the strict guidelines set forth by the Historical Preservation Commission.  Prime Construction Services knows how to work with the Historical Preservation Commission.  Our team of experienced builders, crews and project managers understands Historical Preservation Commission requirements, can submit documentation to get project approval and knows how to preform work to the required standards.

Oklahoma City’s historic districts are unique and distinct.  Famed for the large, ornate homes and the small tidy properties, all depending on which one of the districts it is in.  Some historic districts are large containing hundreds of properties; some districts are quaint and contain a smaller number of historic homes.  Prime Construction Services understands the unique traits and distinctiveness which accompanies each historic area and as the leading historic property maintenance, renovation and restoration contractor. Prime Construction Services maintains the integrity and enhances the unique qualities of your beautiful, historic home.  We understand a historic home is a unique part of history with a heritage that cannot be duplicated so it must be maintained to the highest of standards.

The Historical Preservation Commission’s design guidelines stress the need to preserve original materials that illustrate style and character because homes aren’t built like they used to be.  From intricately carved moldings to turrets to hand-carved stone fireplaces, many older homes offer a unique charm you can’t find in modern properties.  Because of a historic home’s heritage, each has its own charm and appeal that cannot be duplicated. Save & Exit

If you do not own a historic home but are interested, you should know some historic homes that are not in the best of shape can be great investments. You don’t have to find a home that has been faithfully maintained over the years or even one that someone else has invested in a historic renovation to restore.  If you’re willing to put in the necessary the attention to detail and invest into a not so charming-looking house, you can bring back the life in to a historic home that once stood proudly on the street and was a part of the history of Oklahoma.  Although it looks sad now, it could have great potential.

That being said, because of their age, historic homes can be costlier to fix and renovate than newer ones. You may find that generations of homeowners have made repairs and additions with varying levels of expertise, and old walls can hide some big surprises.  If you’re thinking about buying a historic home, you need to make sure you hire a contractor that is not only up for the challenge, but able to deliver on his promises.  Prime Construction Services has faced almost every challenge that come with a historic home renovation and has overcome each obstacle.

When the project is finished, you will be the owner of property that is so much more than an investment.  It will be not only a part of you, but also history that now has a future again.

Prime Construction Services has been there for many historic renovations and transformations and quite frankly, we get more than just a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.  We also feel a sense of camaraderie with the property owner through a connection with the past and working together to nurture the preservation of it so that this historic home can once again stand proudly on the street and be a part of more of Oklahoma’s heritage.

When you hire Prime Construction Services to do your historic renovation, you are hiring a crew that has several years of experience; a team that will include you along the way, keeping you updated on the progress and if there are any surprises.  You are welcome at the job site as often and as much as you would like (provided there are not any hazardous or dangerous materials or fumes).  However, Prime Construction Services offers a complementary service with wifi cameras, so that the owner of the project can see what is happening while he is away.  The cameras are hooked up to the home’s internet and the project manager and the home owner are the only ones who have the login information.  When the job is completed, the login information is permanently deleted and the cameras are moved to the next job for the next client’s use.