Kitchen Remodel

Just suggesting the topic of a kitchen remodel OKC can make almost any person start on a long wish list.  One could daydream for hours and hours about what her ideal kitchen would contain and look like.  There are so many options and cool designs for kitchens — just thinking of a kitchen can soon start to seem daunting and overwhelming.  A person may feel discouraged before any work has even begun.

At Prime Construction , we can help you choose the best design options, appliances and materials to suit your taste, lifestyle, wants and needs.  Prime Construction Services will come to your home and walk out the project with you.  We will discuss your vision and try to get a feel for the kitchen of your dreams.  The project manager and design team will work together to provide options and costs to the client.  Once a kitchen remodel OKC start date and job length are agreed upon with the client, the client can watch while the transformation takes place.  The Prime Construction Services  crew will install protective barriers (if needed) to protect the surrounding areas from dust and debris from the kitchen remodel OKC.  After the barriers are put in place, complimentary wifi cameras are put in place.  These cameras are powered by the client’s own internet, so they have ultimate control of the video cameras.

Prime Construction not only welcomes but encourages clients to be as active in the kitchen remodel OKC as they want to be.  With the wifi cameras in place, the client can go about her daily activities and still be able to watch the progress that is taking place in her kitchen.  The client can watch the workmanship in action and can verify quality materials are used in her kitchen remodel. The owner of the kitchen and the project manager at Prime Construction Services are the only two given access to the login information.  When the job is completed, the login information is permanently deleted, and the cameras are moved to the next project to be used by another client.

During the kitchen remodel OKC, Prime Construction Services will stay in constant communication with their customers.  You, the customer, will always know how the project is going, if anything unexpected is discovered or if there are any unexpected delays or problems.

Although every job is very individual each kitchen remodel OKC consists of the same basic elements: 

  • Structural Analysis
  • Design
  • Site Prep and Demolition
  • Installation
  • Cleanup

Structural analysis – This is needed to examine existing conditions. Building layout can play a significant role in dictating design and budget needs for anyone doing a kitchen remodel. The physical elements of the kitchen, such as layout, existing plumbing, type of subfloor are all important factors. Major layout changes, such as removing walls, rerouting gas or plumbing lines, and re-wiring electrical are all very essential to identify early in the kitchen remodel OKC process.

Design – This is the time to plan to collaborate with the design team at Prime Construction Services.  You will select things such as wall colors, lighting, appliances, backsplash, flooring, sink, and hardware during the design phase.  The design team at Prime Construction Services will help you translate the image in your head to your kitchen.  If you don’t yet have a vision in your head, that’s okay too.  We can show you samples and pictures to get a better understanding of what appeals to you.  We can help you combine elements, styles, and textures.  After the design work is completed you will have a good idea of what your kitchen will be after the kitchen remodel is completed.

Site Prep and DemolitionIn the site prep stage, significant behind-the-scenes labor is needed to ensure that your kitchen renovation maintains its value over time. Old materials and fixtures need to be pulled out and disposed of—this can be dusty and messy. Almost without exception, and especially in old buildings, your contractor will need to strip the walls and flooring to frame and level, before the installation phase.  Also, sheetrock work or intensive plastering may need to be done before any surface work can get started.

Exposing the existing conditions inside walls during this leveling and framing step will also allow your contractor to address plumbing or electrical issues. Gas and plumbing lines may need to be moved as well as outlets, and this would be the time that it needs to be done. The work that is needed in the walls is critical for a successful kitchen remodel OKC.  Although it does not “show up” in the design features, the foundation alignment and infrastructure needed for the project are crucial, so consider these expenses wise investments.

Installation – Next is the install. It’s essential to note that high-quality materials are only as good as the installation—if hinges are not properly aligned on drawers or cabinets, or if the shelving is not completely level, these faults will not only prevent your kitchen remodel  from aging well, they will also affect the immediate function and aesthetics of your brand new kitchen remodel OKC. No one wants to see slightly crooked cabinet drawers or have doors that do not shut properly in a kitchen, but especially not on a brand new kitchen remodel!

Clean Up – Prime Construction Services sweeps up at the end of each day, but at the end of your kitchen remodel, we will clean up and remove all debris.  Your kitchen will be functional when the crews are finished and the wifi cameras are removed.

You have a wide range of options and costs for design elements, so it truly is your choice in deciding what to spend on some material aspects of a kitchen remodel OKC, but some basic renovation costs and labor-intensive phases are crucial to the project as a whole, regardless of what you spend on building materials. Having an understanding of the real costs involved will allow you to better produce a realistic budget, avoid surprises, and get you that much closer to your dream kitchen remodel OKC.